How to save money on streaming subscriptions

The biggest video hosting platform in the world is YouTube. In order to push their subscription-based model, Google keeps filling YouTube with longer, more aggressive and more invasive advertisements, forcing you to pay if you don’t want a poor experience in their platform. And Google is not the only perpetrator.

Let’s look at the example of YouTube a bit more in-depth. How much per year a user will have to spend on a subscription to watch videos and listen to music without ads?
YouTube offers 6 subscription options with a 1 month free trial.

YouTube Premium$11.99 / month
$143.88 / year
$17.99 / month
$215.88 / year
$6.99 / month
$83.88 / year
YouTube Music Premium$9.99 / month
$119.88 / year
$14.99 / month
$179.88 / year
$4.99 / month
$59.88 / year

Thus, the cheapest subscription is $143.88 per year, or $83.88 if you are a student. Music lovers can save by paying only Music Premium subscription without access to YouTube itself for $119.88 per year or $59.88 if you are a student.

This is quite costly, and for only one service!

With WebGuard, you won’t need all those subscriptions. You will be able to watch videos and listen to music without ads on YouTube, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, HBO GO, Disney+ and Hulu.

With WebGuard, you save not only on subscriptions, but also on traffic. After listening to music or watching a clip once in YouTube or YouTube Music, you can play it again offline wherever you are. WebGuard allows you to configure the permissible amount of memory for the cache with music and video, which is automatically freed up when there is not enough space, removing the least requested content from the cache.

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